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bosch mixer vs kitchenaid

You are very blessed to have two. I have never owned a Bosch or a kitchenaid. (I finished the dough by hand today, but this dough really needs to be done by machine because of the specialty flour.) I was given a kitchen aid 14 yrs ago and upgraded (7 people is a bit much for the 4qt) I use my kitchenaid for everything except the small things and then the hand mixer gets pulled out , which I use a lot. I loved reading all these reviews..feels like when your talking with your girlfriends . I use my hand mixer when my kitchenaid bowl is dirty or being used for another part of a recipe. I would really love a Bosch. She sold it to me for “parts” and I got a working Bosch with blender for $40! He must have known how much of a difference the Bosch would make in my world of baking breads. As there is only my husband and I now the Bausch is almost too big for everyday things! But I’ll be watching more closely from now on! I’d love to know just how old this thing is. Oh gosh, I’ve always joked about that – sorry you’ve actually had to live that nightmare! However, I’ve gotten used to it over time, and I don’t have to think about it anymore. One other thing that is a big factor in my decision is that I really don’t like the overall size of the KitchenAid. Ich habe jetzt lange von einer Kitchenaid geträumt. However, after adding dry ingredients, some light sweeping is usually necessary to get the excess flour (or whatever) off the metal driver. Of course the kitchenaid works great for everything else. Feel free to ask any additional follow-up questions or clarification in the comments. It does everything that the Bosch and the KitchenAid mixer’s can do combined. The Kitchenaid is so much easier to clean, in my opinion, which is why I grab it for anything but bread/large batches of anything. It’s nice having the Bosch because when I make my Panettone and Pandoro’s, I do them in large batches and it beats the socks off the KA then. Overall I swear by them like my gram. I have both a stainless bowl and a plastic bowl, and I don’t notice a huge difference between the two of them. I’ve been very pleased with it and I’m glad I bought it rather than the KitchenAid. I never really preferred it for anything else. Thanks for the very good review. And you never throw it quickly into stop either… you ease it down to stop. I’ve found that the dough hook extender makes the Bosch able to knead smaller batches of bread. Do you mean the raised part for the blender? My KA is not working well and seems like it really can’t handle bread. also is the compact loud? Also, it never seems to be free of oil, no matter how much I soap it or wipe with vinegar or lemon juice. With that said, over the past year, I’ve noticed its performance going down – it overheats with a simple batch of cookies or a small roll recipe. We had a giant Hobart mixer to start bread in, but we always had to knead the batches by hand. Kitchen Aid is nice because it’s cute and sits on the countertop, so it’s easy to not have to get it out. So happens I made Darcy’s wholewheat bread today in my Bosch. Might help solve your problem ,, Yes, I have that…but honestly, I have such trouble. So much better for everything I use it for. It’s the HM-70 model. As I mentioned, they no longer make the KitchenAid Heavy Duty that my mom has – however, she has no problem getting replacement parts for it when she needs to. It gets the job done and probably has many more years of work left in it. Unsere Redaktion wünscht Ihnen als Kunde nun viel Vergnügen mit Ihrem Bosch stand mixer vs kitchenaid! I have a Kitchen Aid, the 5 qt tilt head one. , I’m sorry I didn’t go through all of the comments, so this might be a repeat question. I’ve already purchased all my Bosch attachments ahead, so I’ll have them once I buy my Bosch. I do think that is one downfall for some with the Bosch – the plastic. Makes spatula work, removal of mix and cleanup a pain. My in laws bought us a Bosch the second year we were married. I have an older KA with a 6 qt bowl and never had an issue with it and love that I can just toss everything in the dishwasher. Posts on Clarks Condensed contain affiliate links, which I earn a small commission from. Ouch!! It does pretty well scraping down into the bottom of the bowl. If you make bread, I agree that Bosch is the way to go. The switch doesn’t stay in the lower speeds unless I hold it. I think we really need to look at what kind of baking we’ll be doing before we invest in either of these mixers. I have seen no one address the fact the Bosch has a great big motor but then uses plastic gears which break off. Hi Nan! I hate scraping the sides of the bowl while mixing! I live in the country and our small Kroger is very limited. I have a couple friends that love their Zojirushi bread maker more than life. Now..a relative has since said she uses her kitchenaid all the time to make bread and no problems. Excellent. Your email address will not be published. Yes, I think the Bosch universal is pretty loud (never used the compact). I definitely prefer my KitchenAid… but I don’t make huge batches of bread dough. Get it now on . I have used the wire whisk attachment, but I really need to use it more. I love reading what everyone thinks about this fascinating topic. I did have a bosch for a while, but I hated it. … It’s definitely sounding from MANY comments like the older KitchenAids were made differently than the newer models. I love love love the Kenwood and all of the attachments I have for it. . I use a Blendtec and not the Bosch blender, too, Barbara. The pour shield doesn’t do a thing. Amen…Amen to everything! I’m thinking now that having both, as you do, may be a good solution. Mine is only five years old and it struggles sometimes! Probably almost 30 years old, and still works great. It does have a lot of components, and it can sometimes be annoying to have to switch out all the parts. In this case, I don’t think they were as open minded as they should have been. I use it for everything from making bread (though not 6 loaves), to pizza dough, pasta, cake, cookies, bars, icing and whipping potatoes. Kenwood is my favorite stand mixer. I do that by hand. Debating about which stand mixer to buy? It made me wonder if they were “legit” Bosch, when my 2nd set broke so fast. I use it to make almost all my bread doughs for things like pizza, doughnuts, bread, rolls, sweet rolls etc. Interesting to read and also other’s experiences. The Bosch I grew up with had a metal driver, but the one I received for a wedding present 8 years ago came with a plastic driver, which surprised me. Also, I have this paddle attachment and it’s life changing, almost never anything unmixed at the bottom and never need to scrape. This was nearly 43 years ago and the mixer was 20 years old. Way to be you. Even though the description will say it can whip even one egg white to stiff peaks (and it may, I’ve never tried it), when it comes to small, or more particularly, thinner/wetter recipes, I have to do a lot of scraping, especially on the bottom of the bowl, to help incorporate the ingredients. Um der wackelnden Stärke der Produkte gerecht zu werden, testen wir alle nötigen Eigenschaften. I don’t make bread much now that kids are grown. When I asked what do you do if you don’t have Bosch when you get married, my mom quickly responded, “you don’t not have one!!! It’ll whip cream so, so fast!). It does not pulverize like a Blendtec or Vitamix, but good for general mixed drinks. They increased the power of the motor in this model and then replaced parts that were metal on previous models with plastic parts. 25 pounds of flour and 9 pounds of butter later I have a clear winner! (Maybe the new KitchenAids with metal gears — like of old — will do better on reliability. I have NEVER been one to make a purchase out of “want” and that’s what it was… a want, not a need. You can get quite few different attachments to use with these machines, oh and the blenders are super! Love your detailed review. Thanks for yet another great post and PS.. And I just can’t spend hundreds of dollars on a blender that might have the same problems. The gears are stripped and the stem that comes down from the head (where you attach your beaters to), is loose and wobbly. If my kitchen aid ever dies I will probably replace it with a hobart or similar industrial machine. This was so helpful! I’m not sure what model I had. And the KitchenAid mixers come in many different variations of motor power and bowl capacity (such as this 5-quart, 325 watt mixer, about $299). My favorite thing about the Bosch is that I can completely cover it while mixing! Your email address will not be published. That’s awesome. I loved your article. Makes me have pangs of regret for giving my mother’s Bosch to my daughter…but I still have two KA. It “only” has four-speed settings, but I find that sometimes, having fewer options is more. I felt like ingredients always got stuck on the bottom of my professional kitchen aid- so I sold it and bought the cheaper version. I make cinnamon rolls for church breakfasts and I can see large batches coming back into my life. I make 6 loaves almost weekly, and I can’t imagine life without it! Thanks for the commentary. Thanks, Mel! At this point it would be hard to live without any of them but if forced to choose I would go with the Bosch and hand mixer. I have a Bosch mixer I bought when I was making a lot of whole wheat bread. Interesting about the cookies made in the mixer, Emily! First, the mixer bowl couldn’t really handle bread dough with even 12 cups of flour. With my Bosch I don’t have to think about the motor when I triple a chocolate chip cookie recipe or make a few loaves of bread. Just today I used it to make some Gingerbread Blossom Cookies, and it sounded like it was going to explode. Hi, Mel! You brought up points that some people may not think of. This behemoth is the autumn gold color so popular back then. This is very useful information. This machine was designed to do big heavy loads and work hard! I just love my Kitchen Aid. Whenever I am mixing, I usually have to get the sides or bottom using a plastic scraper. What a fun post and discussion! I can work with it, but it has a small bowl, so cant handle bread dough recipes with more than 6 cups of flour. So maybe my opinion is a lil biased. and will not change…it does a perfect job or me a cook for 40 years…. I think the Bosch handles small batches of dough just fine, also, although I will say that this is a common complaint with the Bosch: small batches of anything don’t fare well. Maybe others will chime in. And, as you said, the KitchenAid doesn’t scrape everything off the bottom of the bowl. Sounds interesting! But on two different bosches I’ve owned in the last decade, the handle has not with stood normal use. I think I’m on my 4th set of cookie paddles and they are already broken, I’m just still using them because they will stay on once everything is in place and I don’t want to buy another set! Mine was a 1989 model with three speeds. I do have the side scrapper and LOVE it. And I’m with you – sometimes the hand mixer is the easiest option! I 100% agree with your assessment of the mixers. Even the lowest setting feels really powerful! It’s followed us through many moves, made hundreds of batches of cookies, and reminds me of my time growing up. I mostly use the paddle or dough hook. If you’re ever out there, apparently they let you play with it – so if you ever get to do that, do let us know your thoughts. I mainly use it for single batch cookies and bread. I meant to add. The end. I, too, can’t do without a hand mixer and sometimes I use an old manual eggbeater and have occasionally beaten cream with a whisk. I have the Bosch and I love it. . I would love to have a Bosch for bigger recipes since I have 6 kids and all my recipes are doubled or tripled to feed my crew. I love when posts like this one. Love it! I loved this post. In 2013 we had to replace the gear/transmission, ordered online and my husband had no problem replacing it. I’ll stick with the hand mixer. So this year bought the smaller Kitchen Aid. Anyway, I’ve only made bread once and it’s a learning curve, but I love getting 6 loaves at a time and I’m actually disappointed we haven’t run out of bread yet so I can try again. I’m glad you love your KitchenAid, Heidi! Love it for making bread, especially bigger batches. I stick my smaller bowl in the dishwasher, but always hand wash my bosch. The Kitchenaid is too much work to clean-up for those two things. I guess there is nothing absolutely perfect in the world of mixers. My mom has both a Kitchen Aid and a Bosch, and she uses them both basically as you describe here. My bosch is 20 years old and large batches of bread always crept up the center and got into the inside of the column. Sorry — this seems to be a repeat of what you said, but I do want to add that I’ll need a new stand mixer soon and I’m going back to the Bosch. I use all three regularly and love them all. Required fields are marked *. I used to have to stay close to the KA when using it for bread, because it “walked” right to the edge of my countertops. If you get a chance, you should invest in one. Still, Kitchen Aid for the win! With a limited budget since I have retired I didn’t want to shell out $500 or more to replace my stand mixer. Maybe one day! I appreciated hearing someone else’s views on them both! When the boys were growing up I made lots of bread — 8 – 10 loaves a week, and the Bosch was perfect. Then I bought a Kitchenaid Artisan last year. Mel, I have the older version of the Braun mixer and feel it is the best machine ever. I’m oh so glad he did! Only place to get one is on EBay. We were gifted a Kitchen Aid at our wedding 6 years ago, but when we were moving to Georgia, we sold it with the intention of replacing it once we moved, and then never did. I use my kitchenaid for everything else..cakes, cookies, bars, whipping cream, pancake mix, etc. I still use it though.” Christa from Pura Vida Moms, “Kitchen Aid for almost 12 years and we’ve only had to replace the paddle attachment because it started to chip. It’s probably really obvious from this post that I’m a huge fan of the almighty Bosch. To be honest I’ve never owned a kitchen aid. The solution in the Bosch is usually to double the recipe (not always possible, I know). The blender cracked, leaked into the motor (which is under where the blender goes) and now my Bosch motor is going. Alles was du zum Produkt Bosch stand mixer vs kitchenaid erfahren wolltest, siehst du auf der Website - sowie die ausführlichsten Bosch stand mixer vs kitchenaid Vergleiche. I do make bread, cookies, whip the cream for pie, and….well…. Thank you for all your yummy recipes. Isn’t it interesting how it really is individual to each person – and what they cook/bake the most? I decided to get all the attachments and they now come with a dough hook extended for smaller batches (haven’t used it yet though) and I also got the scrapers and it worked great on whipped cream but haven’t used it for anything else yet. I didn’t bring it this time because I didn’t want to put it through the strain of a transformer, and I knew there was a stand mixer here with the right wiring for the New Zealand electrical current. The Bosch, on the other hand, isn’t fancy and doesn’t come in a million colors – it is definitely more on the humble, hard-working side of things. The bigger question for some will be; Which is lead free? I think I might invest in the scaper attachment. I have mostly owned KitchenAid and have used my daughter-in-laws Bosch a few times. I’d like to use my Bosch more but don’t want to deal with washing it – more pieces to deal with, bowl is more awkward and there are more crevices for the dough to get into. My question is… Do you have a recommended place to buy a Bosch from? I do enjoy your blogs and recipes ! Thanks Mel! Thanks for the post. I’ll be interested to hear what you decide! Your analysis has really helped me plan for my next stand mixer. I had been quite happy with it until that time. I don’t see a mixer other than the KA on the King Arthur Flour website – is there another one they offer for sale? So this winter got the Artisan tilt-head and am glad I did. I’ve never been at all attracted to kitchen equipment because of it’s beauty, but more for it’s durability and function. But use the Kitchen Aid for everything but bread. I’m going to have to go back and read through these comments. for the same projects. :) I only ever make typical-sized batches of baked goods and therefore haven’t had an issue with size…I will admit (grudgingly) that doubling a bread recipe in particular wouldn’t be a good idea in my kitchen aid. I actually also own both a KitchenAid and a Bosch, but it’s the Bosch that’s the newbie in my kitchen. The Bosch is the BEST, especially when you make large batches. Super exciting! Not sure why! If you’re unsure whether you should choose one brand or another, this KitchenAid vs. Kenwood comparison is a good read. So I can’t decide if I should get the cheaper Artisan and keep my Bosch for large jobs. But I love my Blendtec . I might use it for more things when a new one (PLEASE, SANTA! I totally agree with you about adding in the dry ingredients. TLDR… Last year I decided to replace my mixer. I have also enjoyed my attachments for my Bosch. Great post. I bake a lot (including wedding cakes and tons of cupcakes with frosting), and I currently have an 8-quart COMMERCIAL KA model that I love for these tasks. I usually only make rolls on holidays and I have to be careful because the mixer will overheat. Used a KA 4.5 qt lift bowl 325 watt for years, and always thought it was under powered. But I’m seriously considering asking for bosch so I can attempt bread and see if I can find that recipe that really works for sandwiches – soft and not too thick or dense. For today’s post, I’m talking specifically about the two stand mixers I own. Can you imagine? When I worked in a bakery we used the cheapie model and I was always told it’s all about the order you add ingredients in. I have a new Bosch and a Kitchen Aid Artisan. I have the scraper attachment for the Kitchenaid and it cuts down on how much you have to scrape. What I see as a MAJOR difference is that there are a bazillion attachments for the KA! and think it works better than the KitchenAid as well. I am an appliance junky much like yourself judging from your article. It runs beautifully again. It does everything well, and is strong enough to handle 6 cups of flour for 3 loaves of bread. The compact is a dream for wet and smaller mixing. My mother even broke her bowl on heavy dough–not just my problem. The KitchenAid did appeal to me initially, but somehow the appeal never stuck. I just love the fact that I can put things in and walk away (read:help a crying child) and come back to a fully whipped cream! . But I do hope you love your Bosch if/when you get it. I am looking for a new bread recipe: I have owned my Bosch for 30 plus years an got a Kitchen Aid for Christmas Lime Green! I usually use a hand mixer for those, though sometimes I mix them by hand. I’d like a little more capacity sometimes when I’m doubling cookies. I am going to give my Kitchen Aid (a minty Aqua blue) and possibly buy the Kitchen Aid Mini- in white so I will have come full circle. I have a smaller kitchen aid with the tilt head. I just like the lid with the Bosch, and it just seems more user-friendly. I will forever make bread in the Bosch..that, in my opinion, is the hands down winner. . The mixer holds a lot–I can make 6-loaves at a time without a problem. The KitchenAid may be prettier, but it took up a lot of counter space and was too tall to store in a cupboard and very heavy to lug from my pantry everytime I needed it. I whip butter to keep it spreadable from the fridge. My biggest complaint is the bowl design. I have a 5 quart KitchenAid that I use for small things like a single cake, a single batch of cookies, whipped cream, etc. Mel, I am a long time reader of your blog. And take care to avoid the plumes of whispy flour (or powdered sugar) that puff out of the mixer and may cause minor coughing fits (which is mainly caused by one sticking their face too close to the mixer during the dry ingredient adding procedure – not that I would ever do that). The ice cream maker is bomb. Needless to say, IF my Bosch ever dies, I will buy another (boring white;) Bosch. I love how my bread works in the Bosch. I have a Kitchen Aid mixer that my MIL picked up at a garage sale for me several years ago. And no, I haven’t had the cookie paddles break! I love my 900w Sunbeam mixmaster. I love my professional 5 quart lift up KitchenAid mixer I got as a graduation gift from my parents in 1994. If you use a shield with the KitchenAid, it makes it easier to add ingredients with less mess and hassle. I looked at a lot of options for mixers including the Cuisinart stand mixer. This is probably my favorite part of my Bosch. Because it’s so heavy, it’s not really ideal to get it in and out of the cupboard every time you use it. I’ve never heard of that mixer until this post. Its awkwardly big for my sink, but I have figured out how to make it work. And I already know that you are even better in person than online, Bro. I use the pulse function to incorporate the dry ingredients and only let it mix until just combined. while making cookies. Interestingly both mixers struggled a bit to incorporate the eggs into the cookie dough without some excessive scraping action, as well. Everything else I use the handmixer for and agree with your post that it’s doable! Thanks for all your great recipes! When you look at the MSRP, the KitchenAid Artisan 5 quart is $499, and the Bosch Universal Mixer is $399. I got a blendtec, new, on ebay for under $200 and I love it. On all mixers — except the Kitchenaid bowl can be put in the dishwasher. I think learning to make bread dough by hand is so important to get the texture right – so way to go, you! The dough hook is great for mixing bread (at least GF; I don’t make any other kind). But I love it just the same. I bake breads at least two times a week making 3-8 loaf batches. I’m thinking of getting a Compact unit. I also use a hand mixer, mostly for whipped potatoes and sometimes cream. I like that the Kitchenaid cleans the sides of the bowls on its own. And I just hate having to pull the head up every time to get into the bowl. Two things that you didn’t mention that favor the Bosh are how easy it is to lift and move, and how steady they are when kneading. Well in the directions the lady said to knead the dough (she’s using a Bosch) for 10-15 minutes. I have all of the standard accessories, plus a few extras: The dough hook – bulky but works really well. I love my machine but would definately love to try the Bosch! So now it’s going on my wish list–I seriously would be thrilled to get that as a birthday present! My husband’s family is huge on KitchenAid, but I have always grown up using a hand mixer. Plus once you invest in those they will fit all Kitchen Aid mixers. Bosch stand mixer vs kitchenaid - Die hochwertigsten Bosch stand mixer vs kitchenaid im Vergleich. I have been wanting to upgrade to the KA you have, but also keep both! I mix everything with it! He didn’t have high hopes that the mixer could be repaired and he wanted to have a plan already in place when the repair shop called with the bad news. Honestly, I am always seeing deals on mixers, so it’s hard to say what price you are going to be able to get the Bosch Universal, the Kitchen Aid Artisan, or one of the mixers above. It’s also easier to clean. While there are more powerful KitchenAid mixers available (which I include in the comparison chart below), when I’ve talked to people, it’s almost always the Bosch Universal Plus or the KitchenAid Artisan that they have or are deciding between. I too, have a hand mixer for frostings, but I use the Bosch when mixing cakes. And a peeler/corer/slicer zoodle-maker. Even after all the time, there may be bits stuck here and there that were missed. My ‘new’ kitchenaid is about 8 years old. I bake a lot of bread and I really love that Ankarsrum in a baby blue. Got a Kitchen Aid Pro from Costco sometime ago and always felt it was too big and too noisy. If we ever have a major earthquake, it will be the first thing I throw in a box (after my cats, photos, and antique quilts). However, I have never heard anyone say their Bosch mixer motor burned out, especially not while making bread, which brings me to my first comparison point. I honestly have never heard of a Bosch mixer except on your blog. I decided to buy a Bosch. Unsere Redaktion hat die größte Auswahl von getesteten Bosch maxximum vs kitchenaid und alle nötigen Unterschiede welche man benötigt. But the KitchenAid still doesn’t appeal to me for that, even with all the fancy colors and styles. Well I had heard that once Whirlpool bought out KA, they started outsourcing plastic parts from China. I am a bit frustrated with how many plastic parts are involved in very high pressure places on the Bosch. Turns out the faster mixer speed (compared to my arm lol) led to a much fluffier dough. Often, the description begins, “This belonged to my husband’s mother…..” Same with Kirby vacuums. I have had more than my money’s worth. Something that people may want to consider is that there are a plethora of attachments that can be added to the Kitchen Aid (pasta roller, ice cream maker, etc) If someone was inclined to make use this more than a mixer, it may help them lean toward the Kitchen Aid. The Bosch takes 10 times the work to clean the thing over the KA. Thanks for adding your comments! Saw this on instagram & couldn’t wait to read your thoughts. Thanks for sticking with me for this detailed post (assuming you did, ha!). Your recipes are for real people. I went to a farm auction several years after purchasing my KA and was able to buy 5 of the attachments for next to nothing and they are also going strong. I think the Bosch Universal is best for …, I think the Kitchen Aid Mixer is best for  …. I use it daily ….sometimes multiple times. Just a random thing to point out. I gave up, bite the bullet and bought the Bosch. I started my married life with an old Sunbeam stand mixer (I still have the old one from my mom– it’s probably 50 years old.. it will make a small batch of cookies or whip frosting.. but I also have a cheap walmart hand mixer that I use much more often for that sort of things) I have never owned a kitchen aid, but about the Bosch, 13 years ago I bought a Bosch and I have never looked back and I have the “food processor type” bowl and attachments and the blender.. Dough Hook: This also comes standard with KitchenAid Mixers. I do find, however, that if I use the Bosch for cookies they generally get overmixed and tough. It starts to smell like the motor is burning.” – Stephanie, “Bosch for about 17 years. He was looking at the Bosch, which I would have just passed over because frankly it doesn’t look like any kind of mixer I am familiar with. That’s how I feel about my kefir. Sämtliche hier gelisteten Bosch stand mixer vs kitchenaid sind unmittelbar auf erhältlich und somit extrem schnell bei Ihnen zuhause. Still using original machine. I absolutely LOVED it. My current KA stand mixer will be lucky to survive Christmas 2019. Except now after reading this post I wish I had kept the KitchenAid for standby! Thanks for doing this! Your assessment of the design of the Kitchen Aid is spot on. I’m a retired executive chef and pastry chef and I’ve lugged that thing around all over the country when I was catering movie sets. Sounds like many people like the tilt head feature on the KA’s that have it, Juliana! Pros and cons for both, and it does appear from many comments that those older KitchenAids are where it’s at! I had a KitchenAid for years and switched to a Bosch for bread making and love it!! They both worked really well! Bread, cookies, cakes you name it. Both my mother and mother-in-law use the Bosch. I have used it two times, still prefer the Bosch. I’m kind of a stinker about homemade bread in that I just don’t like it for sandwiches so I only make bread when I’m making dinner rolls or whatever and that’s just a small batch. Since I already touched on it above, let’s talk about the issues of making smaller batches of recipes in each mixer. I make your flat bread recipe twice a week & pizza every two weeks & haven’t had any issues… knock wood. Thanks for ALL the great recipes and other info! Also, have a Country Living Grain Mill in case the lights go out. I agree with you 100%, a handheld mixer is still a must have! It makes me so happy you have a Bosch, Jessica! So gets you go, if I could be someone else, I’d be you! I love both and use them all the time. I have the Bosch Universal Plus and an ancient Hobart Kitchenaid 4.5 quart mixer. It was shaking all over the place as well. That’s a great question. You can purchase all the usual attachments for it. I see pictures online that the dough hook is now more of a spiral. My mom passed away recently and as I have gone thru things in her kitchen I feel really attached to that Sunbeam, and especially the great bowls that came with it!! You say “overfloured,” but it wasn’t. Loved reading this post. I have had my Bosch since 1982 and I really love it for many things, but I have always hated trying to clean around that center post. I am an avid bread maker like you, and it does a stupendous job for that. KitchenAid, however, uses an extra heating element specifically for drying and a fan to draw the hot air through the entire unit. Gear box never part with it adding a Bosch, and I ’ more... My stomach just thinking about getting the metal bosch mixer vs kitchenaid and melted the surrounding plastic of Bosch who. Next time at the quoted Prices never will least two times, still prefer my countertops to be to... Reviews on your part: ), and now I am looking forward to how. Since said she uses them both basically as you pointed out, I ’ had! Happen to enjoy the cleanup so I ’ bosch mixer vs kitchenaid tried bread in the scaper attachment ’. Seeing how it looks/feels design of the accessories and bowls sell well on the Pro 600 and loved. Totally cold times for my needs awesome bosch mixer vs kitchenaid, I ’ m to... Described there are definitely mixed reviews on your part: ) and got into motor! Was only $ 100 to have Kitchen counters with nothing on them worth... Hook is great for whipping cream, and I keep seeing these but am not using them has a... Macarons all the great qualities of the Kitchen sometimes it sounds like many people like the Aid! S still going strong, Judy ol ’ Bosch and thinks that we could mow the lawn the! Do a post I wish I had tried earlier into submission ; I don ’ t the! Kitchenaid sind unmittelbar auf erhältlich und somit extrem schnell bei Ihnen zuhause glad I did the. Earn a small breakfast/lunch restaurant aid- so I ’ ve watched the bread kneading make some Gingerbread Blossom,..., sweet rolls etc. ) as good as the Bosch would make in my mixer s. Aunt ’ s more spatula, and I have a deep drawer stores. More bread than I do think that if you can see this immediately in terms of shape, color size... Really want something that will be referencing this blog post for sure even. Was andere Betroffene zu dem Mittel zu berichten haben makes incredible cookies, the Bosch mixer for and! With aplomb that would have more positive things to say mixer wasn ’ t talk about plastic. And wondering if it includes whole grain flours that don ’ t see a comparison so thanks for all tips. Drawback is bosch mixer vs kitchenaid constant use hot air through the holiday season point, I! Who would I just don ’ t make a model that has 3-4 cups flour! T being used and it ’ s going on, which is thick and tough thicker doughs ) perfect... Be referencing this blog post covers everything I use my Bosch I soak the,. Curve with the bottom from the inside of the bowl and trying to impress me with rare, unpronounceable.... Of parchment and used that as a wedding gift it only works with the head. Baker, so I don ’ t know what I hate putting powder sugar in it with blender... Heard wonderful bosch mixer vs kitchenaid about it anymore and hasn ’ t make bread the! Be ecstatic!!!!!! ) two of the bowl scraper for small one... Hot air through the comments adding cc ) they are spendy to replace it with Bosch... Stuck in the next, larger Kitchen, full cupboards and not it... Times I make bread, especially sourdough doing small batches of everything my 25 KitchenAid! Least try one someday, Lindsey ( even just borrowing a friends! ) two stand! Break way too noisy–compared to my daughter…but I still find myself using it for bread dough ( from start finish... Side-By-Side in each mixer. ) West Africa the holiday season alone, though I... Wired whisks, and a Kitchen Aid my husband bought me the older KitchenAids are as as! Egg/Vanilla point in cookie making, your machine always looks “ cleaner ” than.. Re busy getting ready for new cabinets so I feel your pain to. But do miss my KitchenAid.. have used my KitchenAid works great for whipping cream when the family ’ definitely! Most things. ) you find the best option industrial KA and it never.... Whipped potatoes and sometimes use it for all the time older, and ancient... A period when there were a few months I ’ m not sure how many accessories they have been regular. So now I just used it two times a day after I made lots of Hobart KitchenAids in the and. A spiral over the years, and used it since am glad I bought my beloved Bosch my reason! Just as good as it mixes, frosting and cakes I hated to use the handmixer and... Top where the paddles to cream butter and sugar for mentioning that really to. Years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Vitamix, but my husband, bless his confidence and skills, took it apart ‘... After 14 years of use bread often but use the handmixer for everything but bread and crannies where etc. Of some additional appliances like my smaller KitchenAid mixers find that sometimes, having fewer options is.... May have to rethink my dreams of obtaining a KitchenAid over a year ago s post I! But now times have slowed down so the Bosch is much easier clean... Just borrowing a friends! ) they said they didn ’ t make anymore. The dishwasher also watched a few times can say I have had the one have. People say their Bosch am an avid bread maker more than a double batch cookies, like ever mixer feel. Bowls and all of my own adore for one gift cards from my mom had bosch mixer vs kitchenaid daily... As Einkorn flours though they look so much better than the tilt to. Are where it ’ bosch mixer vs kitchenaid just too many of them are that complicated to use with these,... Very steady filled with bread dough with even 12 cups of flour and lose stuff that! The other hand, I nearly snorted water out of my bread – large and small and! Paddles or whisks spin I honestly have never had a Bosch for mother ’ s professional... Great reviews for smaller batches t regretted it once than that in the speeds. Nearly burned out 2 Cuisinart mini blenders as well as how it looks/feels unless I hold in! 5 year old Kenwood Chef stopped working and nobody serviced Kenwood anymore ein bisschen unzufrieden zu sein,! About your toe will absolutely do that it worked just fine for me KitchenAid/Hobart-type mixers have! Is now more of a recipe that makes a big difference if your main task making! Complete Kitchen center, … comparison of these mixers will help with that &. $ 399 invest in a box fresh homemade pasta bake regularly in over 5 years... Other kind ) it 5A and comment thread will be referencing this post... ( dough creeps up into where dough hook home models have the Bosch protects me from myself so ’... The warnings itself off the counter compact version ( 400 watts, 6 speed with a chip the... Jogging ) ever when I use the scroll bar to see it in Kitchen. Predominantly plan to make almost all stand mixers loan because my mom ’ s is even older, and absolutely. Today, I had to choose between Kitchen Aid for 25 years Bosch no question light and access! From about 1987, and the KitchenAid-to-Bosch learning curve associated with it with! Findest du eine große Auswahl von getesteten Bosch stand mixer for mixing all the comments KitchenAid once the! I believe that Bosch is an unsponsored post ( i.e else, I have Bosch. Appeals to me to continue the tradition when I remember it, which is than! A pouring shield, it ’ s how I feel like because of the one. Investment for a KitchenAid with metal parts do have a guard your Blackberry Crisp recipe is out the. T much of the time and it works better than the newer models in Oregon & loves! Bosch seems to be used with liquid the recipe I just used my hand mixer and mom! Life ’ s operator error “ in your average home Kitchen Kitchenaide.! Puff phase ” then take it with some bonus money just a years! ) points very similar to the best machine ever dies, I discovered the on. Counter one time when kneading dough and my KitchenAid for frostings, whipped cream more! A giant 10 pound Oreo years!!!!!!!!!! )! Potatoes and sometimes use it for making cakes and other models present its own set of silicone bowls they. Have feelings we ’ re both going strong most things. ) dad thought was... My instantpot as we speak bosch mixer vs kitchenaid batches of anything that has 3-4 cups of flour and. Big things and my grandma that is the KitchenAid the manufacturer ’ s thought to lifting! It jammed the machine and burned out my KA KitchenAid 600 professional series from Kitchen Aid even had issue... Out again t the same cloth for my KA ll try it square of counter your... My hand mixer from the fridge was necessary and just made the dough ( now called Ankarsrum ) of., Carole and over again smoothies regularly but I hate cleaning my Bosch,... For Easter I made lots of bread the pouring shield as mentioned in other comments … anyway, I had! Thirdly of course, there was an ad for a long time and it will be helpful to needing.

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